Monday, 18 March 2013

A Lesson From Bees

I heard a story about bees recently, it was something like this:

After the queen bee has laid her eggs in their little cell, she seals them with wax. The larvae grow inside their cell, and eat the food stores inside, until they mature into a bee. When they are ready they force their way out of the wax seal. The wax is really tough so they are only able to make a tiny hole in it, and then they have to squeeze their way out. It's agony. In the process of forcing their body's through the small sharp gap, however, the memrbane covering their wings is pulled away so that once they emerge they are able to fly.

Once, a moth got into a hive and ate all the wax seals. When the bees were ready to hatch they crawled out of their cells quite happily, easily, but they did not lose the membranes covering their wings so they were unable to fly.

Sometimes we have struggles in life, hard times that are painful for us. But it's through those trials that we grow, refine, and undergo changes that can in the long run enable us to fly. So grow, break free, and fly.

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