Monday, 24 September 2012


This is one of those songs I heard ages and ages ago but never managed to get it's name. I think I heard it on a Planet Earth advert, or apparently it was used in the film Penelope which I've seen too. Anyway, last week I was in the car with Jamie and Will (oh hey, shout out) and they were listening to the soundtrack for We Bought A Zoo (is that worth seeing?) and this came on and I was all like "Oh my gosh, what is this songs name!?" So at last I have found it and now I'm listening to it on repeat. It's in Icelandic, and I'm obsessing about Iceland right now. Also, I love this video, if I ever have to be old I hope I'm this kind of old person! Seeing as it's raining a lot in England right now this song has cheered me up and made me want to jump in puddles with barefeet (which I will do on my way home from work later.) So, yes, this is definitely suitable inspiration to begin the week with.

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