Wednesday, 15 June 2011

These Old Bones

These old bones, they've travelled too far.

This is a piece I did in my own time last summer, to go with a poem I wrote called 'These Old Bones'. This is the original poem:

These old bones, they've travelled too far.
Strung up with ligaments that snap like cotton,
And muscles that weigh of lead;
From a brain that's almost forgotten,
And a heart that's already bled.

I think there was a second verse, 'these old bones covered with scars' and something about a lock, unfortunately I cannot find the original copy. Whilst hunting for it I found this piece I wrote in the winter of 2010, and I think it fits quite well too:

I love the bones of you.
Elegant and strong.
The Substance.
Your upright stance.
The mind in your skull.
The foundations of you.

Your hair could fade.
Your skin could peel.
Blind, deaf, mute. 
Cold in the grave. 
I love the bones of you.
Time won't change anything.

Let me lie on your grave.
Throw the soil over me.
I cannot be apart. 
Laced with death.
Bleached and naked.
I love the bones of you.

I guess I was on a bit of a skeletal theme last year. This is a different style for me, a more experimental piece that wouldn't normally escape from my sketchbook but there is something about it that draws me back to it. Maybe I'll explore it a bit further now I don't have university projects to complete. What does everyone think? And which poem do you prefer? 

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