Sunday, 5 June 2011

Her White Hart

The White Beast has me in his eye, I cannot escape him.

There are several reasons for the title of this blog; firstly 'hart' is an amalgamation of my name and 'art, i.e Hannah's Art or 'H.Art'; secondly I've lived most of my life in the town of Hertford, so called because it is the place where four rivers meet and the hart came to drink at the ford. Don't ask me why it's spelt with an 'e', that's just bonkers English spelling for you. 

The final, and main reason, is because during my wild country life (okay, I'm exaggerating a little bit there) I have been, on several occasions, attacked and chased by a white deer. Not kidding. We have a lot of very big deer around here, I believe they are Sika deer or some kind of Red deer relation, and not only are the enormous but they also appear to have a genetic mutation which regularly throws out creamy albino deer. 

I have survived my deer attacks largely due to the scope and speed of my bonnie pony, Stroller, who has nimbly escaped the antlers, but I have a lasting attachment to the creature that is so elusive and unicorn-like. 
Also, as you may have guessed, I just really like drawing deer.

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