Saturday, 13 February 2016

Sunday - Shyre

Many years ago I face painted my lips to look like a leopard - for no real reason, I was unemployed and bored. My good friend William Long - a very talented film director and editor - saw it and always wanted to take the idea to use it in film. Talent clearly runs in his family, as his cousin is the drummer of Canadian band 'Shyre'. Will was finally able to put his idea into motion by creating this beautiful music video for Shyre's wonderful song 'Sunday':

Will asked me to be part of the team to paint the animals for the video. I think in total we painted 23 animals between three of us - it was a very busy day! The models are all friends of mine and Will's. I've never noticed it before, but apparently my I select friends with really good teeth! We shot the video in the front room of his house. 

Below are the animals that I painted:

Crocodile, Brown Bear, Cheetah, Red Eyed Tree Frog
Fox, Crab, Giraffe, Tiger
Giant Panda, Humpback Whale, Toucan, Bat
This was a really fun project, for a great up and coming band. Make sure you check Shyre out, like their Facebook page and buy their music!

Music: Shyre (
Video: William Long (
Artists: Hannah Harding, Hannah Lott and Tom Sanders

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