Saturday, 12 September 2015

Greenbelt 2015

This is a video of the sketchbook that I completed at this years' Greenbelt Festival. I feel very honoured that Rhythms asked me to attend Greenbelt as an illustrator. I had a great time, in spite of loathing camping! I had the opportunity to hear a lot of very good talks, particularly on the conflict in Syria. The last illustration is a response to this; I've tried to convey that it's more complicated than good guys fighting bad guys, and that in reality it's a jumble of all-too-similar people opposing and killing each other. It's such a messed up situation, and I have no solutions to it, except that I think we, all of us from World Leaders to our own households,  need a little more compassion. While there are people who need help, we must still keep helping. 

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