Monday, 3 August 2015


A few months ago I wrote an article for Rhythms on the decline in bees and ways in which we can help save them. You can read my article here. Above is the illustration I produced to compliment.

Off the back of this I was asked to produce a guide to making your own bee house. Below is my final illustration, you can read the completed article here. 

It was wonderful to produce these illustrations and to write about this topic as it is something that I am passionate about - and if you enjoy things like eating then you should too! Bees are essential to our survival, so we need to make sure we look out for them!

Rhythms have launched a Bee Keepers "Badge", containing actions you can take to help the bees in their plight and have some fun whilst you do. Bee sure to check it out. (Yes, sorry, sorry I did go there.)

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