Wednesday, 25 March 2015

One Year

I have lived in this beautiful Victorian house for one year today. I am still besotted with it. Everyday I drive home with a flicker of joy, I wake up relieved that I am still here, and I relish in each step I get to take here.

When we first came here and I heard how the sunroom, which was to become my studio, had been built to help a girl recover from a life threatening illness I was hit by a sense that God was bringing me here to heal too. Not from a physical illness, but from something. At that point I didn't know what. Barely a week after moving, I received my first wound.

It has been a difficult year.

But this house, this garden, these rooms, the fire, the flowers, and the views have comforted me and reminded me that seasons pass and regrowth comes. I'm not quite healed yet. I still have grief and heartbreak, although they are fading well now. I am fighting new battles right now, or rather, learning to let God fight for me and to stand firm whilst the rage rolls about me.

Our new house is still being built, so we are hear a little while yet. It will be a sad day when we leave, but I know that I was brought here for a time, and I can't hold tightly to it. God provides in unexpected ways. Adventure awaits.

So here we are, four seasons on...

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