Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Space Walking - NASA Sublime

Last Saturday I visited the Breese Little Gallery in London to view an exhibition of Vintage NASA photos. It was like looking through an astronauts holiday snaps. The space walking photos were my favourite, but also seeing early photos of Mars and Saturn was a treat. These days, we have so many amazing, breath taking shots of space and no, these were not on par with them; but there was something so charming about them.

So I drew one, as you can see.

I've always loved the stars, but I've never been very interested in visiting them. I think Earth is beautiful, why would I want to go somewhere else? But I have decided recently that I would like to go into space, just to look back at Earth. And, as far as I'm aware, nobody has ever painted or drawn earth from observation in space. I want to do that. So if you are an astronaut/space person/connected to the ISS/really rich, can we make this happen please? I'm serious.

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