Thursday, 17 July 2014

Summer Garden

If I had my way, it would be summer all year round. Ok, so I would miss snow a little bit, but I'd sacrifice it (after all, I could always go on holiday to see some) for these long, warm, colourful English summer days. 

These are a couple of sketches I've made in the garden this week. And some photo's to show off how lovely it is here at the Farmhouse too. When we arrived there was a barren wasteland by the front door where weeds had been dug out. It was an eyesore, but as we're only here for a year we don't have time to re landscape the garden and put in expensive plants. So my mum planted these wildflowers instead; they grow quickly, look pretty, but also, a major benefit is they attract bees.

I was worried at first, because although the flowers were crawling with insects, there weren't any bees. But finally, just yesterday they arrived. No honey bees from what I can tell, but lot's of different other types. I'm glad to see them. And the butterflies too.

We've also been making the most of our greenhouse here. We've got plenty of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and even some aubergines. American's call them eggplants, which is 50% right. But really, they're aubergines, sorry.

I drew the tomatoes because I love the pop of colour they bring to the greenhouse. And they taste delicious.

I am definitely taking to the country life. Remember to follow me on Twitter for more news #fromthefarmhouse. 

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