Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Stargazing: The Moon

The Moon is essentially a large chunk of rock that orbits the earth. It is the second brightest object in the sky. If you go outside after dark and look at the sky you can see it with the naked eye, unless it is a new moon or you live in England in which case you will be lucky to see it three times in a year.

The Moon will be full at 1.45 tomorrow morning, and this time it's technically a Blue Moon. There are two types of Blue Moon; the proper type, which is two full moon's in a month, or this type which is when four full moon's fall in a season (in this case between the June solstice and September equinox). Also, the Moon will not actually be blue, let's just make that clear.

If you have the chance to look at it through astronomy binoculars or a telescope I would highly recommend it, it's magical. The light of the Moon is quite unlike anything else, and seeing all the craters and shadows in detail with your own eyes is incredible.


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