Thursday, 25 July 2013

Travel Sketches

It's been a long while since I shared anything from my travel journal, so I thought I would do an update post. A travel journal isn't a work of art, it's just thoughts and sites you experience as you go about daily life. 

This was from St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle. It's beautiful there, peaceful. The the castle is, well, wow. Go when the Queen's not in and you get to see a lot more of it. The quote of the left is from George VI's tomb, great-great-grandfather of the newly born Prince George of Cambridge. I think it would be a nice passage for the new Prince too.

This is a battle scene I saw in my head as part of a story I'll probably never get around to writing, about a girl called Norah, and her horse with no eyes.

I drew this in an East Sussex wood, while on a women's ministry course in June. We'd just had a session on hearing from God, and I, in my obstinate nature had inwardly refused to do co-operate. I then went for a walk, away from the conference centre (I climbed over a fence and got out!) And finally after an hour of debating with God on why I was right, I sat down in a slight clearing, and listened. This drawing followed.

And this was a leaf I found there and stuck in. I always carry Pritt Stick on me.

And this one I drew today. I've read a lot about Killer Whales in the news this week, and this just came out. I imagined a girl who tamed two young orca's out at see, until she could ride them over the waves.

I've been a bit undisciplined with my travel journal this year, I must get back into it. Looking at it now, I think but where's Sicily? Where are my friends? Where are those beautiful National Trust properties I've visited? Where I the stories I used to jot down while waiting for other people to hurry up? I carry this book everywhere, with it cluttering up my bag, I need to start making the most of it again.

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