Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Whale Pegs


Every Tuesday I am lucky enough to have a break from my office job and to head to out school to run a lunch club, Xplore, with a group of girls. Today we were talking about Jonah and I couldn't resist the excuse to create these little peg whales. They were super easy to make; peg, card, glue gun and googly-eyes.

This term at Xplore we are supposed to be talking about our favourite Bible characters, however I broke from this brief. Jonah is not my favourite Bible character (even if there is a whale/big fish in his story) but Jonah is the character I often relate to. It is very much in my nature to, when God gives me a task, look for a ship going the opposite way. But I think Jonah is a great book because there are so many different things you can take from it; God has a purpose for everyone, despite their flaws (like cowardly, grumbling Jonah), he sometimes will take you to a dark place (the belly of a whale) to teach you and help you over come your fear, but he will not leave you there forever and will save you, and finally, he is compassionate, merciful and loving (see verse two in chapter 4 in the above picture.)

And as to whether it is possible to be swallowed whole by a whale, google it, there's some interesting theories out there. Just don't try it for yourself, I strongly feel this was a one off God speciality just for Jonah!

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