Tuesday, 8 January 2013


100th Post! I know, what took me so long. This blog has now had over ten thousand views! Okay, so probably five thousand of them were my mum (oh hi!) but even she couldn't have loaded this page ten thousand times so thank you to everyone who's visited, left comments, or emailed me as a result of this blog (even if some of those were slightly on the creepy side, still, thank you).

This month's theme for Transform was 'Thinking Like Jesus'. I don't think we can understand how Jesus thought or thinks, he's God! God's got to be able to think beyond our imagining or well, he wouldn't be God! But, one thing I think we can safely say about Jesus is that he was focused; focused on his Father in heaven, and on his Kingdom Mission. So for the artwork I chose to make these little 'focus' matchboxes; to take with you wherever you go as a reminder to just bring things back into focus.

You can find matchbox templates on the internet and they are fairly easy to make, takes about 2 or 3 minutes for each one. The template I used can be found by clicking HERE.


  1. Love these matchboxes, what a fun idea! I've also enjoyed your other artwork! We all miss you on Howrse but obviously you've been busy with more important things.

  2. I love this! Did you use regular copy paper or card stock? Thanks!

    1. This was card stock, just to give it that bit of support.