Sunday, 17 July 2011

Hello Deer

He comes on the silence as twilight descends, riding the stretching shadows of a yellow moon. He wears the forest as a crown, thickets and thorns make up his throne. 

Since finishing university I've been really busy catching up on the life I'd put on hold whilst working away on those final projects, but I have been managing to squeeze a few new art projects in too. The trouble is, now I'm free to do what I want, I have so many ideas I'm having trouble processing them. I want to start an online shop for pretty, arty, interiory things, but I need some stock if I'm going to do that. I'm also trying to keep drawing whenever I can. Most of them are just sketchy scribbles, but at least that's something. 

More deer! Oh yes, I don't think I'll ever grow tired of them. I've been working on some faux taxidermy wall art. They aren't finished yet, and I need to put them aside for a while to work on a few more pressing things. 

Originally they were a family: stag, doe and fawn. But the doe looked a little piggish, so I added antlers to her too. 

I've still got to decide on colour, or whether to leave them white, and add eyes, tweak them a bit etc. 

So, they are still a work in progress but I'm putting them aside for a bit now. I'll update them at some point in the future. 

On another note, does anyone now where I can get a mould for plaster casts made, or how I'd go about that at all? 


  1. If you go to the Tiscali site, which sells sculpture materials you will find stuff to make moulds plus some explanation
    rather late comment, only just saw this, may be of use, in UK interesting anyway... sue c

  2. Thanks Sue! I'll take a look!