Friday, 27 May 2011

Let's Begin...

Illustrate: (verb) To provide something with explanatory or decorative features.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. It feels just like any other day, except maybe a little less stressed than the last few months, the finals months of my degree. Honestly, I never really gave this day much thought, I never imagined I'd be living it. 

For the last three years whenever I've told people I'm studying illustration they've looked blankly at me and then asked 'so what will you do when you leave?'

'Well, illustrate, obviously.' I've replied. Illustration is not like a degree in English, or Geography, or Prehistoric-Modern-Anglo-Latin-Medieval-Computerised-Folklore; the job's pretty much in the title. Don't ask me what illustration is; yes, it is pictures in books and what not, but it's also got a lot more scope than that. And what do I want to illustrate? Well, at this point I'm a penniless graduate, I'll take whatever job I can right now! 

So that's that. Up until this point I've had a plan: do an illustration degree. But what next? All I know is that I don't want life to be predictable. I want to chase down adventure. I want life to be a showcase. 

The University of Hertfordshire's Degree Show, 2011.

Featuring Illustration (which is all amazing)

Featuring my work too!

Let's do this. 

If you are in Hertfordshire this week why not pop over to the university and check out the amazing degree show featuring work from Graphic Design & Illustration, Fine Art, Applied Arts, Fashion,  Photography and lot's lot's more.

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  1. I have visited the Herfordshire University Degree show (2011) and I thought it was excellent. It's definately worth a visit! I love your work; looking forward to seeing more!