When you look around you, what do you see?

What you see depends on where you sit; how you see it depends on who you are. We all see things differently, and that's beautiful.

I'm an artist, writer, and creative, so it's my job to draw attention to things other people may not have noticed. To let you in to my world, my thoughts even, my perceptions. All you have to do is look, read, absorb and discard at your own pleasure. Perhaps you'll catch my fascination, I hope you do.

I completed my degree in Illustration back in 2011, and then fell into a "real job" in the corporate world, far far away from the land of the creative. Yet I have never stopped creating. My blog has spanned this entire time, the ups and the downs of being an artist whilst still actually needing to be able to afford food. It's also tracked my progress as an artist. After univeristy I felt like I'd lost my identity, that I had been pushed to create a certain type of work to please other people. Having a secure job has allowed me the freedom to seek what I like, and produce what excites me. My work reflects this; that's why you'll find this blog full of nature, stars, whales and unashamedly biased opinions.

My other skills include firing arrows from horseback, code cracking, and defeating all comers at a game of Cluedo. You can commission me for those too, if you like.

Friends make the world go round, so follow me on Twitter and send me a tweet! @herwhitehart

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